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miss halcyon ([personal profile] venetian) wrote2014-09-02 02:06 pm
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"since when have I been chasing after you?"

❝long live the witch❞
a classic bookworm, though she likes to imagine herself as more along the lines of a badass bookworm--it could happen! identifies as a neutral evil, meaning she will switch sides when the other starts looking better and damn the consequences. fancies herself as something of a writer just... not as good and in spontaneous bouts of creativity will attempt to do stuff in photoshop--luckily for the world, this stuff almost never gets published. should grow up and start acting her age more, but has way too much fun roaming around fictional worlds, killing dragons (or reapers) and looting bodies for treasure. will never take an arrow to the knee.

phoebe; 28. infp. cancer. slytherin. true neutral. ace/aro. female pronouns are cool.
loves: oc's (esp. female oc's), space, sansa stark, elves, video games, historical dramas, overly-dramatic otome's, sleeping, reading, and food.

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