langwidere: a john uskglass pixelbuddy (i came to my enemies in a RAIN OF QTE)
The Superfluous Copula ([personal profile] langwidere) wrote in [personal profile] venetian 2010-12-31 01:32 pm (UTC)

Oh, forget about it. I have a weird employment schedule that allows me to have, like, five to eight weeks of "vacation" time around the holidays, so I am online constantly from the second week of December to the last week of January — but I do understand that other people have actual lives and cannot reply to every comment that I make three seconds after it’s posted. It’s fine, really :]

I can't say any of my entries will be very though-provoking or really interesting but. XD
If they were meant to be informative, they would be called "encyclopedias" rather than "blogs."

Done! And of course I don’t mind!

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