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Name:miss halcyon

「I was once what you are, and what I am you will become.」
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'ships don't require logic, aang isn't white!, abolishing gender, abraham lincoln, acting captain spock, akio will get you, all hail noodle jesus, altair ibn la-ahad, andraste's flaming knickers!, andraste's knicker-weasels!, anne bishop, arl your eamon, assassin's creed, assassin's creed brotherhood, assassin's creed ii, bella vampires better than you, black jewels trilogy, books, captain sexypants, cartman/kyle, character torture, deep hurting!, demands of the qun, dianna wynne jones, dragon age 2, dragon age: origins, engineer = god mode, epic manga, ezio auditore da firenze, ezio why so pretty?, fiction, fire solves all problems, frederick douglass, garrus vakarian, gay rights, gender apathy, gender politics, genderqueer, goddamnit anders!, greek mythology, grey your warden, grigorii rasputin, growing up cullen, gtfo my revelation, half-baked prophet, harry potter, headcanon all the way, high fantasy, his dark materials, i am super cereal!, i'll be your band-aid!, i'm a doctor!, john uskglass, jonathan strange & mr norrell, k-pop, kaidan alenko, kill'em with your awesome, kirk pwns picard, kirk/spock, kirk/spock/mccoy, korean boybands are evil, live long and prosper, magical fisting thing, malfoy's albino peacocks, mass effect, mst3k, music, music in languages i don't know, mystery science theater 3000, mythology, nanowrimo, narrative poetry, neutrois, nonfiction, norse mythology, notebooks of death, obsessing over books, oh schmendrick, old school anime, oppa!, original characters, persephone, pokemon, princess azula is better than you, quick look polish!, qunari, r.a.b. did it, reading, roleplaying, same-sex marriage, sarek/amanda, shakarian, sheldon/penny, shenko, shoujo kakumei utena, shut up liara, shut up timmy!, sodium = cure all, south park, spartan jerks~, star trek, steampunk, sulu/chekov, susanna clarke, sweet zombie jesus, swooping is bad, t'hy'la, team awesome to enterprise!, that darn hitler!, the big bang theory, the house of romanov, the truthiness, torgo delivery, uhura/scotty, urban fantasy, utena is my prince, utena my love, vanguard charge, vanguard slam, video games, video games ate my soul, vulcans, watch out for snakes!, writing, yay 60's, あなたを信じる私を信じてください!, 俺を誰だと思ってやがる?!
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